Iranian Media's Coverage of Recent Protests Is Reviewed and Explained

By INU Staff

INU - Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned against altercations among officials through media platforms and social movements during electoral campaigns. The war he spoke of isn’t restricted to authorities and social media. The media has become a battlefield between official and unofficial media. While Iranian channels report news from Iranian officials, Persian channels outside Iran show a totally different coverage.

Iranian Teachers Union & Iran's Independent Trade Unions Blames the Regime for Protests

By INU Staff

INU -In a statement The Teachers Trade Unions Coordination Council (TTUC) posted a statement on the social-media app Telegram on January 12. They blamed the country's recent outbreak of protests on inflation, poverty, unemployment, and "mismanagement by state officials.” They said that Iranians were protesting "poor economic conditions, systematic discrimination and corruption, as well as poverty and social injustice.”

Iran's Regime Blames Foreign Powers and the Opposition for Recent Protests

By INU Staff

INU -Iranian authorities have now declared an end to the uprising that encompassed at least 130 towns and cities, and continued for nearly two weeks. According to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) the most significant gatherings have been dispersed. Still, reports of ongoing protests and civil disobedience continue, which suggests that popular sentiment is not so easily suppressed.

Many Difficulties Face the Regime in Tehran

By INU Staff

INU - Iran was recently the scene of major earthquakes. As well, one of its biggest oil tankers close to China’s coast caught fire after a collision. The exchange rate of the riyal deteriorated, exacerbating problems in the already shaky economy. However, what is possibly most important, is that Iran was just shaken up by nationwide riots. Indeed, the Iranian regime is facing many troubles.

What We Have Learned From the Iran Protests

By INU Staff

INU - The Iran protests loom ever more important with U.S. President Trump’s upcoming on Friday regarding the Iran nuclear deal.
Although Iran’s state media claims the protests have come to an end, still, cities and towns are continue to express their discontent. The struggle remains, between the Iranian people and this regime — already weakened by domestic unrest, internal rifts, and international pressures.

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