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Iran Faces a Serious Shortage of Doctors

By Poorang Novak

An Iranian official admitted that the country faces a serious doctor shortage in the country due to migration of doctors to other countries.

On June 30, Iraj Harirchi, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health, said to the semi-official ISNA that the index of the number of general practitioners, specialist doctors and dentists is 1.6 per 1,000 people.

Iran's Efforts to Control Information Are Apparent Both at Home and Abroad

By Edward Carney

It was announced on Thursday that Twitter had removed thousands of accounts that appeared to be participating in a disinformation campaign backed by the Iranian government. It was not the first such announcement to be made by either Twitter or other social media platforms that have been struggling to manage false and misleading content since the revelation of foreign interference in the 2016 US presidential election. Although much of the public dialogue about coordinated manipulation of social media has focused on Russia, other adversaries of the US have adopted similar tactics, and Iran’s capabilities in this regard have apparently growth considerably in recent months.

Iran flood death toll is much higher than reported

By INU Staff

INU- Maryam Rajavi, the President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has called for popular councils to be created to deal with the current Iranian flooding crisis as the official death toll reaches more than 200; mostly from Shiraz.

Iranian Athletes Comply with Ban on Facing Israelis, or Suffer the Consequences

By Edward Carny

In keeping with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s self-image as a bulwark against the Jewish state of Israel, it is well-known among Iranian athletes and other professional competitors that they are effectively disallowed from engaging in friendly competition with Israeli opponents. Of course, such discrimination is not permitted by any of the international bodies governing competitive events in which Iran participates. So in practice, adherence to this rule often involves faking an injury ahead of competition, deliberately losing in a prior round, or simply forfeiting a match.

Instagram May Be Banned in Iran, but Observers Wonder Why Now

By Mahmoud Hakamian

On Tuesday, a report by Buzzfeed News made reference to a “looming” ban on the photo and video-sharing social media platform Instagram, following an upsurge in official statements portraying the site as a conduit for criminal activity and a source of moral decay. If the ban does go into effect, Instagram would join a number of other popular social media sites that have already been blocked by the Ministry of Technology, including Twitter, Facebook, and the instant messaging app Telegram, which joined the list last spring, following mass protests that ostensibly used Telegram for organizing.

Over 12,000 People Killed in Road Accidents in Iran Since March

By INU Staff

INU - Over 12,000 people have been killed in car accidents in Iran in the first eight months of the Persian year, which began on March 21, according to the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization (ILMO).

The state-run ISNA news agency reported on January 5 that the ILMO figures showed that 12,261 people (9,587 men and 2,674 women) were killed in road traffic accidents between March 21 and November 21; a 0.9% increase on last year’s figures. The number of people injured in these accidents has also risen 9.5% compared with last year.

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