Iran Election

Iran: There Is No Lesser Evil Anywhere in the Leadership

By INU Staff

INU - President Hassan Rouhani won his second term last month. He was up against Ebrahim Raisi (the candidate preferred by Supreme Leader Khamenei). However, Rouhani’s election has been described by many as the “lesser of two evils”.hen you consider Raisi’s past, including his role on the death committee during the 1988 massacre in which tens of thousands of political prisoners were killed, you would be forgiven for believing that any candidate would be more appealing than him.

Power Struggles Make Iran's Regime Unstable

Although many believed that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei was preparing conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi to be his heir by placing him in the presidency, the election results gave Hassan Rouhani a second term, instead.

Iran: Rouhani Turned Back to His Real Face – the Liar One After Sham Election

By INU Staff

INU - On Wednesday, Reuters published a report explaining that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is facing serious domestic pressure over human rights following the victory of his reelection campaign on May 19. Previous reports had indicated that Rouhani re-branded himself as a reformist in the final weeks of the campaign, apparently as part of a bid to overcome voter apathy among moderates and reformists. Around the time of his election to a first term in office in 2013, he was regarded by some outside observers as a moderate, but he subsequently lost much of his initial support after failing to follow through on reform-minded campaign promises.

Iranian Election in Numbers

In previous elections in Iran there have been claims of rigging and engineering and other types of fraud. The most recent vote, in which President Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected for a second term, is no exception.

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