France, England, and Germany Threaten Iran’s Regime to Use the Trigger Mechanism

In a statement, the three countries - France, Britain, and Germany - threatened Iran - use of the trigger mechanism in case of continued violations of the JCPOA.

Since May, Iran has taken a series of measures to break the limits set on its nuclear activities under the 2015 deal with world powers, including on the amount and the enrichment level of its uranium stockpile.

Iran insists it has the right to do this in retaliation for the US's withdrawal from the deal in 2018 and the subsequent re-imposition of sanctions, which have placed a huge strain on the Iranian economy.

Iran has said another step away from the deal is likely in early January, with some speculation that it could announce that it is increasing its uranium enrichment level yet further.

In a joint statement, the three countries - France, Britain, and Germany - threatened Iran to trigger the so-called "dispute resolution mechanism"  in case of continued violations.

They reiterate that they are ready to examine all mechanisms available in JCPOA, including the "dispute resolution mechanism", for resolving disputes.

Another part of the statement emphasized that the full and effective implementation of the JCPOA is of utmost importance. The Iranian regime must immediately return to full compliance with its obligations.

According to the terms of the JCPOA, if there is a disagreement over the deal and the parties fail to reach an agreement, eventually all parties will return to their pre-JCPOA status and UN Security Council sanctions will be reinstated.

The European Troika implicitly threatened Iran with the use of a 'trigger mechanism,' the FARS news agency said in its news release. The European Union has taken a threatening stance that the political bloc has failed to deliver on its promise to compensate for the negative effects of US sanctions since the US unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and European companies and banks have largely cut ties with Iran.

Earlier, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Durrain had said Paris was considering the reclamation of the sanctions.

Meanwhile, Rafael Grossi, the next director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who will start on his new job on Tuesday, said he would take firm stances on the Iranian regime. And the IAEA is serious about dealing with the regime's nuclear status.

Analysts say Rafael Grossi's stance on the Iranian regime is similar to that of the United States, Japan's NHK television reported.

Following France's insistence on activating the trigger mechanism if the mullahs continue to violate the JCPOA, state-sponsored newspapers warned that the JCPOA is in very a special circumstance and that there is a risk the trigger mechanism should be started.

“Europeans threaten (the Islamic Republic) with the trigger mechanism after more than a year of their commitments,” the state-run newspaper wrote in a post titled 'Sledgehammer in the Name of the Trigger Mechanism!' According to the JCPOA, if the deal is violated, all sanctions will be returned.

The Europeans threatened to activate the trigger mechanism in every step of the Islamic Republic.

In this regard, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian pointed to the possibility of triggering the "dispute resolution mechanism" and said that the Iranian regime every two months is creating a new rift, and the situation has reached a point where he can honestly say that they are thinking about activating the trigger mechanism of economic sanctions. 

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